The 2nd Phone Number app, also known as 2nd Line, gives you a convenient way to add a second phone number to your existing smartphone without needing an extra SIM card. This virtual number works just like a regular phone number, allowing you to:

  • Keeping work and personal life separate: Give your business a professional phone line without affecting your personal number.
  • Managing freelance or side hustle communication: Use a dedicated number to keep client calls and texts organized.
  • Making private calls and texts: Maintain privacy by using your second number for situations where you don't want to give out your main phone number.
  • Having multiple lines for different purposes: Stay organized by using separate lines for work, family, friends, or anything else you need.

With the 2nd Phone Number App, you can easily:

  • Make and receive calls: Use your new number for any type of call, business, personal, or anonymous.
  • Send and receive texts: Keep your conversations separate without switching between devices.