Almost! Both let you make and receive calls and texts. However, there's one key difference:

  • Regular phone number: Uses a SIM card and cellular network for calls and texts.

  • 2nd Phone Number: Uses a virtual number that works over the internet (Wi-Fi or data) instead of cell towers. This can sometimes save on call costs, depending on your plan.

What's similar?

You can use your 2nd Phone Number for most things you'd use a regular number for, like making calls, sending texts, and managing voicemails.

What to be aware of:

Some institutions, like banks or social media platforms, may not accept virtual numbers for verification due to their own policies.

Think of it like this: Your 2nd Phone Number App is like a super-powered walkie-talkie that uses the internet instead of radio waves!

Additional Tips:

  • For a smooth experience, use a strong internet connection.

  • Check with specific institutions beforehand if virtual numbers are accepted for verification.

  • Explore the advanced features offered by 2nd Phone Number.

Important Note:  Important Note: 2nd Phone Number uses VoIP and may not support traditional emergency calling (like 911). Always have an alternative way to reach emergency services.