The 2nd Phone Number App is your communication toolbox! It goes beyond just giving you a new number and offers a variety of features to keep you in control:

Calling Features:

  • Make and receive international calls: Stay connected globally, often at lower rates with a paid plan.

  • Call forwarding: Never miss an important call. Route calls to your main number, voicemail, or another number.

  • Auto-reply with a message or text: Let callers know you're unavailable in a friendly way.

  • Block unwanted calls: Peace of mind! Block spam numbers and unwanted callers.

Messaging Features:

  • Auto-reply to texts: When you're busy, send an automatic response to incoming texts.

  • Hidden chats: Keep private conversations confidential by hiding them from your main inbox.

Stay Organized, Stay You:

  • Voicemail: Never miss a message with voicemail transcription (depending on plan).

  • Custom ringtones: Set unique ringtones for your 2nd number to easily identify incoming calls.

  • PIN lock security: Keep your communication private with a PIN lock on the app.

And there's more! (depending on your plan)

  • International calling packages: Make calls to specific countries for a set price.

  • Share multimedia: Liven up your messages with photos, audio message, GIFs, and stickers.

  • Personalized greetings: Create professional voicemail greetings for different callers.

Remember:  Not all features are available in the free plan.  Check the 2nd Phone Number App website or app for details on specific features and plan options.