No way! Your main phone number is safe and sound. Here's why:

  • Think of it as a separate walkie-talkie: 2nd Phone Number uses cool tech called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This means it uses your internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) to make calls and send texts, completely separate from your SIM card and main phone number.

  • Double Duty: You can keep your main number for personal calls and friends while using your 2nd Phone Number for business, online stuff, or anything else you want to keep separate.

Plus, using both numbers together has some great benefits:

  • Save some cash: Make international calls for less with your 2nd Phone Number, potentially reducing your overall phone bill.

  • Privacy Power: Keep your personal number under wraps when you need to.

  • Organized Communication: Juggle work and personal calls with ease by using separate lines.

So, rest assured, your main phone number is staying put. The 2nd Phone Number App works alongside it to give you more flexibility and control over your communication.