No! Here's why:

  • Different systems: Your main phone number uses towers, while your 2nd Phone Number uses Wi-Fi or mobile data (like an internet walkie-talkie). They work completely separately.

So, your main phone bill stays the same.

There's actually a chance the 2nd Phone Number App can even help your phone bill:

  • Privacy Shield: Use your 2nd number for online stuff or unknown contacts, keeping your main number private and potentially reducing spam calls.

  • Work-life balance: Keep work calls on your 2nd number, freeing up your main number for close friends and family. This might help you avoid going over your minutes on your main plan.

  • Potential savings: Some plans with the 2nd Phone Number App offer lower international call rates compared to your main plan.

So, rest assured, your main phone bill is safe. The 2nd Phone Number App offers a separate system for calls and texts, and it might even help you save money in the long run!