The 2nd Phone Number app offers flexible subscription plans to cater to different usage needs. Here's a breakdown of the common plans (keep in mind pricing might vary depending on your location):

Subscription Tiers:

  • Weekly: This plan might be ideal for occasional use and typically costs around $3.99 USD per week.

  • Monthly: This plan offers more regular use and often comes at a price point of around $9.99 USD per month. There might be an introductory offer available for the first month, potentially at a lower price.

  • Annual: This plan is best suited for long-term use and usually costs around $69.99 USD per year. Similar to the monthly plan, an introductory offer is available for the first year.

Additional Notes:

  • Pricing Variations: We recommend checking the App Store for the latest pricing in your area.

  • Checking Current Plans: Existing users can view the latest subscription plans offered within the app. Here's a general guideline (specific steps might vary slightly depending on the app version):

    • Open your App Store account.

    • Navigate to the "Subscriptions" section.

    • Choose the "2nd Phone Number" subscription.

    • Select "View Plans" to see the current options.

  • Restoring Purchases: If you've previously purchased a subscription but need to restore it, you can typically do so within the sales page.

  • Automatic renewals: Subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled before the renewal date. Manage subscriptions through your App Store account.

Pro Tip: It's always recommended to check the 2nd Phone Number app directly for the most up-to-date pricing and plan details specific to your region.