No problem! Since you're using an iPhone or iPad, your 2nd Phone Number subscription is managed by Apple. Here's how to find the details:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.

  2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen.

  3. Look for "Subscriptions" and tap on it. If you don't see it directly, try tapping "Media & Purchases" instead.

  4. You might need to sign in with your Apple ID.

  5. Scroll down and find the "2nd Phone Number" subscription.

  6. Tap on the subscription to see details like available plans and your current active plan (if any).

Here are some extra tips:

  • Use the Settings app to explore different subscription options and find the perfect plan for your needs.

  • If you have any trouble managing your subscription or have questions, contact 2nd Phone Number Support directly through the app or their website.

Just a heads up:

  • The exact steps might vary slightly depending on your iOS version and device.

  • The availability of subscription plans and options may also differ depending on your region.