Running low on Credits in your 2nd Phone Number app? Don't worry, topping up is quick and easy! Here are the ways you can add more Credits to your account and keep those international connections going:

Direct Purchase:

  1. This is the most convenient option. Simply open the 2nd Phone Number app and look for the "+ Add more" symbol. This will usually be found on the Settings screen.

  2. You'll see various credit packages you can purchase. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

  3. Securely complete the payment through the app using your preferred payment method.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember, the Credit prices may vary depending on the amount you purchase. Buying larger Credit bundles can sometimes be more cost-efficient.

Happy Connecting!

With your Credits topped up, you're all set to continue using your 2nd Phone Number for affordable international calls and texts. If you have any questions about Credits or Unlimited Plans, feel free to reach out to our helpful customer support team at: