No Expiration Worries! Your 2nd Phone Number and Credits Remain Active

Great question! Here's the good news:

  • Your 2nd Phone Number:  As long as you maintain an active subscription for the 2nd Phone Number app (if applicable), your phone number won't expire. It stays yours to use for making calls, sending texts, and enjoying all the app's features.

  • Your Credit Balance:  Any unused Credits you purchase remain in your account indefinitely. You can use them for future international calls and texts without worrying about them expiring.

Important Note:

Some inactive accounts might have policies regarding credit expiry after a certain period of inactivity. Check the app's terms of service or contact customer support for details on specific policies if you have concerns.

Using Your Resources Wisely:

  • To avoid losing access to your number, ensure you maintain an active subscription according to the app's guidelines.

  • Consider using your Credits regularly for international communication to keep your balance healthy.

Need More Help?

Our customer support team at: is happy to answer any questions you might have about account activity, subscriptions, or Credit usage.