This is a common frustration! While the 2nd Phone Number allows most calls and texts to work normally, some websites and apps don't play nicely with virtual phone numbers.

Here's the deal:

  • Virtual vs. Traditional Numbers: 2nd Phone Number assigns virtual phone numbers, which function differently from regular mobile numbers with SIM cards.

  • Why Sites Limit Virtual Numbers: Some platforms might restrict virtual numbers due to:

    • Security Concerns: They might have stricter verification to prevent fraud.

    • Tech Limitations: Their systems may not fully work with virtual number technology.

  • What this means for you:

    • Limited OTP Delivery: You might not receive verification codes (OTPs) from certain websites or apps when using your 2nd Phone Number.

    • Missed Call Notifications: In some cases, the platform might try sending an OTP via call, which would show up as a missed call notification on your 2nd Phone Number instead of delivering the code.

Important to Remember:

The limitation isn't with the 2nd Phone Number app itself. It's the policies and systems of those specific websites and apps.