The Second Texting Number app allows you to modify your phone number for continued privacy or to better suit your needs. Here's how to change your Second Texting Number:

  1. Access Settings: Open the Second Texting Number app and navigate to the "Settings" menu. 

  2. Find Your Current Number: Within the settings menu, locate a section titled "Number Details". This section will display your current Second Texting Number.

  3. Initiate Change: Look for an icon labeled "Change" next to your displayed number. Tap on this icon to begin the process of acquiring a new number.

  4. Selecting a New Number: You'll likely be presented with options to choose a new phone number. This involve:

    • Selecting a Country: App offers numbers from various countries, choose the country code for your desired new number.

    • Selecting a Phone Number: You will be presented with a selection of available phone numbers to choose from.

  5. Confirming Selection: Once you've chosen a new number, tap on a button like "Get This Number" to proceed.

  6. Review and Change Confirmation: A confirmation screen appear, displaying both your current and new phone numbers. If everything looks correct, tap on a button "Change to This Number" to finalize the process.

  7. Payment and Activation: You will be directed to a secure payment gateway to complete the purchase of your new number. Upon successful payment, your new Second Texting Number will be instantly activated and ready for use.

Important Reminders:

  • Your existing credit balance within the app will remain available and can be used with your new Second Texting Number.

  • Changing your Second Texting Number is a permanent action. Once confirmed, you cannot revert to your old number.

  • Conversations, messages, and call history associated with your old number will not be transferred to the new number.

Helpful Tip: Before changing your Second Texting Number, consider backing up any important messages or call logs you want to keep. 

By following these steps, you can successfully change your Second Texting Number and maintain control over your communication privacy.