No, currently you cannot receive verification codes from WhatsApp, Telegram, or other similar services when using a 2nd Phone Number.

There are two reasons for this limitation:

  • Verification Restrictions: Some companies, like WhatsApp and Telegram, might have restrictions on which phone numbers can be used for verification. They may only allow verification with traditional mobile phone numbers and not virtual numbers like those offered by 2nd Phone Number.

  • Third-Party Providers: 2nd Phone Number's service might not be compatible with how verification codes are sent by these platforms. They might rely on specific systems that aren't supported by 2nd Phone Number.

Here's what you can do:

  • Contact the App Directly: If verification is failing using your 2nd Phone Number, try contacting WhatsApp or Telegram support to see if they offer alternative verification methods like email.

  • Use a Different Number: If possible, consider using a traditional mobile phone number for verification with these services.

While using 2nd Phone Number for verification with these apps isn't possible now, it's important to note that things can change. 2nd Phone Number's service provider might expand its capabilities in the future.