Facing challenges with 2nd Phone Number? We're here to help! Here are the different ways you can reach our top-notch support team:

  • Website: Visit our website at: https://2ndline.biz/  for support resources.

  • In-App Support Ticket: Submit a support ticket directly within the 2nd Phone Number through the Settings page.

  • Quick Access Button: Tap the "FAQs" option within the Settings menu available in the Message, Keypad, or Recent screens for convenient access to support options.

  • Direct Email: Send your questions and concerns directly to our support team at:  https://2ndline.biz/support.html .

To expedite a resolution, please include the following information in your request:

  • Account Details: Please provide your 2nd Phone Number username, email address, and purchased virtual number. Additionally, feel free to include any relevant messages or upload files to expedite account identification.

  • Device & App Info: Specify your device type,device ID, model, iOS version, and current 2nd Phone Number version installed.

  • Issue Description: Clearly describe the problem you're facing. Is it related to calls, messages, a specific feature, or something else?

  • Error Details (if applicable): Include any error messages or codes you encounter for more specific troubleshooting.

Important Note:  The more details you provide, the faster our highly trained support team can understand and resolve your issue.  They'll use their expertise to get you back on track with 2nd Phone Number in no time!