To ensure you never miss a call or message on 2nd Phone Number, follow these steps:

  1. Keep the app open: To receive calls and messages in real-time, it's best to avoid completely closing the 2nd Phone Number app. Closing it may result in missed calls and messages, which you'll only see upon reopening the app.

  2. Enable background refresh (optional): While not essential for basic functionality, enabling background refresh allows the app to receive messages even when it's minimized. Here's how to do it:

    1. Open Settings on your device.

    2. Navigate to 2nd Phone Number.

    3. Toggle Background App Refresh to ON.

Note: If the Background App Refresh option appears inactive when set to ON, access the system-wide setting by going to Settings App -> General -> Background App Refresh. Activate this option to enable subsequent per-app toggling.

  1. Disable Low Power Mode: Enabling Low Power Mode may restrict the app's background activity, potentially impacting call and message delivery. To ensure smooth operation, disable Low Power Mode:

    1. Open Settings on your device.

    2. Go to Battery.

    3. Toggle Low Power Mode to OFF.

Remember: By following these steps, you can stay connected and receive calls and messages on 2nd Phone Number seamlessly!