Don't worry if your phone isn't ringing for incoming calls on 2nd Phone Number. Here are some common reasons and their solutions:

1. Check In-App Sounds/Notifications:

  1. Go to your device settings.

  2. Locate "2nd Phone Number" and tap on it.

  3. Select "Notifications".

  4. Ensure "Allow Notifications" is toggled on.

  5. Verify "Sounds" is also turned on if you want ringtones for calls.

2. Update the 2nd Phone Number App:

  1. Outdated versions can sometimes cause notification issues.

  2. Open the App Store and check for available updates for 2nd Phone Number.

  3. Make sure you have an active 2nd Phone Number subscription.

3. Ensure Stable Internet Connection:

  1. A weak or unstable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection can affect receiving calls in real-time.

  2. Check your internet connection and try again.

4. Contact 2nd Phone Number Support:

  • If you've tried these solutions and the problem persists, reach out to 2nd Phone Number support for further assistance.

  • You can contact them at : .