Yes, you can use the 2nd Phone Number app on multiple devices, but here are some important details to keep in mind:


  • Single device for active calls: Only one device can receive or make calls with your 2nd Phone Number at a time.


  • Seamless data syncing: Your messages, call history, and settings are automatically synchronized in any new devices you're signed in to. This ensures you have the latest information no matter which device you use.

  • Easy switching: You can easily switch between devices by signing in to the 2nd Phone Number app on each device. When you sign in on a new device, you'll be automatically signed out of the previous one.

Overall, using 2nd Phone Number on multiple devices is convenient for managing your account and accessing your data, but active calls are limited to one device at a time.

Here's how to use the 2nd Phone Number app on multiple devices:

  1. Install the app on each device you want to use.

  2. Sign in to your 2nd Phone Number  account on each device.

  3. Remember, only one device can actively answer calls at a time.