Here's how 2nd Phone Number protects your privacy:

  1. No Location Tracking: 2nd Phone Number doesn't track your device location or share it with others. You control your device's location settings.

  2. Private Phone Numbers: Your 2nd Phone Number is kept confidential. We don't share it unless needed for customer support, and even then, it's only for technical help.

  3. No Directory Service: We don't run any directory service, so your phone number can't be found through reverse searches.

  4. Strong Security: We use top-notch security measures to safeguard your data, including encryption and regular security checks.


  • While we do a lot to protect your privacy, complete anonymity online is tough. Be smart about what you share online and stay safe.

  • We're dedicated to keeping your communication private and secure. If you have more questions about privacy or security, contact our support team at: