2nd Phone Number differs from eSIM technology as it offers a unique solution for acquiring a virtual phone number:

  1. 2nd Phone Number : Operates on VoIP technology, enabling users to make and receive calls and texts using a virtual number provided by the app. This virtual number is exclusive to the 2nd Phone Number platform and does not rely on a physical SIM card or eSIM.

  1. eSIM: Represents an embedded SIM, a digital chip integrated within your device capable of storing multiple phone numbers and network operators. It functions similarly to a traditional SIM card but offers more compactness and flexibility.

Key Points to Note:

  • No Disruption to Existing Lines: Utilizing 2nd Phone Number does not impact the functionality of your current SIM card or eSIM.

  • Distinct Services: Despite both providing phone capabilities, they operate differently and serve separate purposes.

Additional Considerations:

  • Infeasible to Port: Transferring a virtual number between 2nd Phone Number and a real network, or vice versa, is not feasible.

  • Limitations of 2nd Phone Number : 2nd Phone Number may not be ideal if data access is required or if you prefer a traditional phone number associated with a specific network operator.