Archiving a chat in the 2nd Phone Number app lets you hide conversations from your main message list while keeping them accessible for later reference. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the App and Access Messages: Launch the 2nd Phone Number app and navigate to the "Messages" section. 

  2. Find the Conversation: Locate the contact or conversation you want to archive in your message history.

  3. Swipe and Archive: Swipe your finger left on the conversation you want to archive.

  4. Select "Archive": Once you swipe left, you'll see options like "Archive". Tap on "Archive" to move the conversation to the archived chats section.

Viewing Archived Chats:

Additional Tips:

  • Archived chats are not deleted; they're simply hidden from your main message list. You can access them anytime through the "Archived Chats" option.

  • If you want to return an archived conversation to your main message list, you can typically unarchive it by following similar steps and selecting "Unarchive" instead.

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the 2nd Phone Number app installed for optimal functionality.

Important Note:

Hiding a chat typically removes it from your main message list but doesn't necessarily prevent the recipient from seeing the conversation.