The 2nd Phone Number app allows you to access archived chats, which are conversations you've previously hidden from your main message list. Here's how:

  1. Open the App and Access Settings: Launch the 2nd Phone Number app and navigate to the "Settings" menu. 

  2. Find Archived Chats Section: In the Settings menu, look for a section labeled "Archived Chats".

  3. Activate Archived Chats: You'll see a toggle switch for "Archived Chats." Turn it on by swiping the switch to the "ON" position.

  4. View Archived Chats: Once you've activated the "Archived Chats" section, you'll see a list of all your archived conversations in Message screen.

  5. Open an Archived Chat: Simply tap on the desired archived chat to view its messages and continue the conversation.

Additional Notes:

  • Remember that archiving a chat doesn't delete it; it simply hides it from your main message list. 

  • To restore an archived chat to your main message list for easier access, swipe your finger left on the conversation within the "Archived Chats" section and select "Unarchive".

  • If you're encountering difficulties accessing archived chats after following these steps, consider contacting 2nd Phone Number support for further assistance.